Did the Pill Make You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person?

In our quick fix society, the allure of the birth control pill is difficult to turn away from.  Most succumb to its siren call. 

One pill a day keeps Aunt Flo's problems away. 

No need to worry about condoms.  Regular cycles.  No more cramps.  Acne gone.

But there's a risk that many don't know about...

It can affect your ability to choose your mate wisely.

The sense of smell is key to sexual attraction.  Why do you snuggle against his neck?  Or wear his favorite shirt?  Or sniff his pillow next to you?

The pheromones that each person creates are our own chemical love potion.  It's how we determine if someone is compatible.  When single and on the hunt, someone genetically different from us smells better than someone who's genetically similar.  That's advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint.  We can make stronger babies to continue our birth line while preventing incest and inbreeding.

The Pill shuts down your body's natural ability to produce sex hormones, tricking it into thinking it's pregnant. 

Once "pregnant" (whether chemically or naturally), your body shifts from needing to attract a mate (someone genetically different) to nesting with family (someone genetically similar).  See how that works? 

On the Pill, you could be attracted to the wrong person because of the chemical alteration.  The person you're dating while on the Pill may not seem as attractive once off the Pill after marriage. 

In fact, a study of 365 couples found that women who went on or off the Pill during a relationship were less sexually satisfied than women who were consistently on the Pill or who had never been on it.

On the flip side, because the Pill stops ovulation, you don't produce the pheromones that make you more sexually attractive.  Think of a dog in heat - she's like the Pied Piper with the male dogs wanting to score that lay with her.  Once she's out of heat, the dudes disappear.  The Pill chemically takes you out of heat. 

Oh and if that isn't enough, since women's sex drive peaks around ovulation (make sense, doesn't it?), the Pill can decrease your sex drive, ability to orgasm, and result in less intense orgasms.

Even though you're trying to get pregnant, there may be times when your doctor wants you on the Pill short-term.  If you're a women who's sensitive to external chemical manipulation, being aware of these lesser known side effects will help you handle the changes more easily.  So blame it on the Pill if you get irritated with your partner.

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