Are Your Sleeping Patterns Killing You?

You likely didn't have problems sleeping last night cuz your dog had diarrhea.

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Thank goodness it's a weekend.  The only thing I must do is write these emails.  I can catch up on sleep otherwise.

However, if you're having problems sleeping and it's not dog related, it could be biologically induced from something that you're doing all the time.

Before I get into what that is, let's talk about why deep sleep is so important.

Deep sleep is the time when our bodies repair the damage we do to our bodies from daily living. This regeneration time is vital to repairing critical organs and systems such as the heart, lungs, brain, muscles, digestive tract, and immune system.  And, yes, the reproductive system.    

Within a matter of days without deep sleep, your body functions begin to decrease. 

Long term sleep deprivation can eventually result in:

  • Weight gain (poor sleep increases the hormone that makes you hungry while decreasing the hormone that makes you feel full)
  • Depression
  • Heart problems (a UCSD and Harvard Medical School study showed poor sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure by 80% in just a few years)
  • Metabolic problems
  • Mental problems
  • Constant fatigue
  • Declining health
  • Dare I say, fertility health?


Essentially, without deep sleep, you're literally killing yourself. 

Achieving deep sleep requires the hormone, melatonin.  The release and regulation of melatonin is controlled by sunlight. 

Historically, our internal clocks were determined by our exposure to the blue light from the sun. 

In the past few years, that's changed. 

Our bodies are constantly exposed to blue light from smartphones, tablets, computer screens, tvs, LED light, to name a few of the most common sources. 

It's "daylight" 24/7 if we're not mindful of our exposure.

All this blue light from artificial sources is suppressing melatonin and disrupting our deep sleep.

These effects sound familiar?

  • taking a long time to fall asleep
  • waking often
  • restless sleep
  • feeling tired when waking up

So what to do about it?  Here are some tips...

  • put away your electronic devices after the sun goes down or at the very least, limit your time on them
  • use candles more, especially in the bedroom :p
  • speaking of the bedroom, remove the TV
  • read print books at night
  • if you must look at a screen, wear blue light blocking amber glasses (Amazon carries a number of inexpensive ones)

Being mindful about the effects of our daily habits on electronic devices is crucial to optimal health - fertility included.

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