How to Overcome Your Fear of Not Getting Pregnant

Ever since becoming a single mom, my biggest fear is financial. 

That I won't be able to make enough to consistently pay for the lifestyle I want for my kids and myself.  For 16 years, I relied on a dual income household with my ex being the primary breadwinner to make ends meet and plan for the future. 

Now it's all on me. 

Fortunately my acupuncture practice covers my expenses.  But it's not enough to save for retirement and the extras, primarily kids' activities and travel. 

I have to create another income stream.  That's something I've been pondering for the past year.  I've only just begun the process of building it and I'm not even sure if and how it will work out. 

As a business owner, I've failed a lot.  Many, many more times than I've succeeded. 

But it's ok.  Because as cliche as it sounds, I thoroughly enjoy the journey.  It's the discovery process that's exciting - finding out what I enjoy and running with it. 

Like these daily emails.  I started publishing them Jan 2 but actually began writing them a month before.  I never expected to enjoy writing them as much as I do.  So I continue 7 days a week.  And will keep at it until it no longer serves me.

I have faith that if I follow the trail that energizes me - some way, some how, it'll fall into place.  I have no idea what the outcome is but that's ok.  It's really about the journey.

As it should be for you.

Yes, the fear of not getting pregnant is valid.  Because, truth be told, the story that you want may not come true. 

A patient shared with me last week that her marriage would not survive if she continued on this path to try to conceive.  The pressure her husband felt was too much.  Because he was more important to her than her story of having a child, she was able to let that go.  It wasn't an easy decision.  This was her fork in the road - choose between her husband or a baby that didn't exist yet. 

For many of you, it may not come to such a stark vote.  Regardless, you still need to determine how your journey will look like.  So make choices that allow you to enjoy today because that's all we really have.

That means focusing on self-care and nurturing your relationships.  Filling your life with love and joy will attract more of it - often in unexpected ways.

So live for today because it will determine what your tomorrow is.

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