What's the Ideal Weight for Conceiving?


We may not be movie stars worth millions of dollars.  But I KNOW we can all identify with actor Chris Pratt craving a late night snack

While filming Jurassic Park 2, he started sharing what he eats on Instagram.  With the benefit of a nutritionist who plans, cooks, and portions out his meals, it's a lot easier for him to stay in shape.

Most of us mere mortals are left to our own devices.

With 12% of all infertility cases rooted in weight issues, its impact is important.

A healthy BMI between 19-25 when trying to conceive naturally or with fertility treatments is ideal.

BMI below 19 results in undernourishment which can prevent or delay ovulation and even stop periods completely.

BMI above 25 can also result in eggs not being released from the ovaries but for a different reason.  In these cases, the excess insulin disrupts hormonal regulation.  The good news is that losing as little as 5-10% of your body weight can improve your chances dramatically so don't think you have to reach a BMI of 25 in order to get pregnant.

The problem is that most diets encourage eating low fat and reducing calories.  Makes sense though, right? 

However, many people are starving when dieting.  They're hungry all the time and cravings are a minefield to navigate. 

Our willpower is tested all day.  And we often cave in to them especially as the day progresses. 

Think of willpower as a checking account.  You withdraw from it every time you're hungry or have a craving because you have to fight the desire.  It gets depleted over the day ever so slowly.  Then when a craving hits, you might not have enough reserve to fight it and make a healthy decision.  Instead you reach for a convenient snack that's loaded with sugar to get that high. 

The key to weight loss is satiation.  If you're full from healthy foods loaded with the right fats, you will be less likely to give in to foods that stimulate fat storage. 

When I shift patients to a fertility-promoting eating plan, I advise them that if they're hungry, they need to eat more fat like grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, and/or organic coconut oil.  It sounds counter-intuitive and is completely against mainstream medical advice but it works!

Saturated fats have been demonized for decades but we have relied on it since the beginning of time to provide essential nutrients for conception, a smooth pregnancy, and a healthy baby.  

It's these fats that will replenish your willpower checking account every day so hunger and cravings will decrease as your body gets the life producing nutrients it needs.

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