How To Add More Spice to Your Sex Life with Just a Few Words

As of last Monday March 13, I'm officially divorced.  Although I've moved on emotionally, it's a relief to close that chapter legally.

In fact, I'm going to celebrate my new status by attending a speed dating event next week.  Not expecting anything other than having fun. 

The last time I dated was in my late 20s.  

Fifteen-ish years later, the dating landscape has changed dramatically with dating apps.  Contact is initiated with messages.  Then if the banter is sufficiently promising, it usually moves over to texting.  If all goes well, we'll meet up for a coffee date. 

Much to my chagrin, I've realized that texting has become a primary way of communication in dating.  It's quick, efficient, and safe in that you're not sharing anything really intimate via text.  Not my preferred way of building any relationship because I don't feel connected to the guy.  Makes it easy to "take it or leave it".   That's usually a good thing.  But I wonder if I'm missing out on someone because I can so easily dismiss him.

However, in a committed and established relationship, texting can take your intimacy to a whole, new level.

It can titillate.  Seduce.

So your man can get a peek at that naughty girl hiding under the virtuous "take home to mom" exterior.

Any long-term relationship will go through its ho-hum stage where routine takes over. 

Sex loses its shine.

Especially if you're trying to get pregnant.  In fact, sex can often become something that's on the daily task list. 


An easy way to add a little fire back into your relationship is sexting.

I'm not talking about images or words out of a porn video.

No, we're classy ladies.  Not a Kardashian or boob-baring Nicky Minaj. 

Suggestive texts that hint at what's to come. 

Nothing that will be embarrassing if someone accidentally sees your message coming in.  In fact, they'll be jealous.

Texts like...

  • I'm still wearing that smile you gave me last night.
  • There's something I'd rather be doing right now. (Him: What's that?)  You
  • It's cold in here.  Can you turn up the heat?  (Him: Sure)  Well, come to bed and warm me up with that sexy body of yours.
  • What would you like me to wear to bed tonight?
  • I miss the way your arms feel when they’re around me.
  • Just thinking about you makes my whole body feel good.
  • You make it impossible for me to focus on work.
  • Work is stressful today. Can we blow off some steam tonight?

Remember to include flirty emoticons.

If your partner has ever asked you to initiate more, this is an easy way to do it!

Remember how exciting it was when you and your partner were flirting?  Sexting is great to bring that fun element back into your relationship.

If you need more sexting ideas, just Google it.

Most importantly, have fun!

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