Feng Shui Tips to Improve Fertility

My house sold late last year with a 30 day close.  When the sale was finalized and the buyers could no longer back out, I had less than 2 weeks to find a rental close to my kids' schools. 

My choices were limited.  I chose the first thing I saw.

It's been 5 months since I've moved in.  Most of the walls are still bare.  I've kept it that way deliberately.  They reflect the impermanence I feel about the space.  My lease is up July 31 and I'm hoping I can find a more suitable place.

I want something with a lot more natural light since I work from home most days.  I don't want to have all the lights on at 9am. 

I also want my environment to reflect how I feel inside.  Light.  Airy.  Spacious.  Full of possibilities.

This awareness of my surroundings comes from the ancient art and science of feng shui (pronounced fung shway). 

The goal is to create harmony in our physical surroundings to improve the flow of energy and therefore your health.

Feng shui is so important in maintaining health and preventing illness that it's one of the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine.

A home with good feng shui feels in balance.  Life flows more smoothly, easily, and peacefully. 

An example of bad feng shui is to live in a house under a prolonged period of construction.  Things are not where they should be.  It's unsettling.  Certainly not welcoming or a place to relax.

Since feng shui promotes health, its concepts can be used to improve fertility. 

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Declutter.  This is my favorite tip.  Even though your baby is not here, you need to make the symbolic space for him.
  • Clear the main entrance or front door of the home so it is completely unblocked.  This encourages healthy, fresh energy to easily enter the home.
  • Place a small dragon on your man's side table to add a little extra "oomph".
  • An elephant with the trunk down, placed at the foot of the bedroom and facing as if it's walking into the room, has been a successful feng shui fertility secret for centuries. 
  • Don't use the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  It can disrupt your energy as you sleep.  Use a standing fan instead.

The takeaway is to make your home as comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming as possible. 

Ease of mind and spirit leads to balance of the physical body so you can remove dis-ease.

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Julie Chang,
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