Getting Pregnant at 46yo

A woman walks into my office Monday and about broke my hand with her Superwoman handshake.

She checks me out, looks around the waiting room.  

Her eyes light up when she sees the baby pictures on the walls.  After talking with me to confirm that I'm legit, she shares how hopeless she felt about getting pregnant until she read my reviews.  She's excited to start treatment with me.  I can tell she's going to be a great patient to work with. 

Motivated and willing to make the necessary changes to prepare her body for conception and pregnancy.

She was losing hope because she's 41yo and has never been pregnant. 

But lose hope she should not...

I just had lunch with a friend.  She had her baby at 45yo with IVF. 

My oldest patient who has gotten pregnant was 46yo at the time.  She conceived naturally after 2 years of weekly treatment.

Statistically, the chance for them to have a healthy baby in their mid-40s are less than 10%. 

These women are 2 of the healthiest women I know.  They're both very fit, eat right, spiritually balanced, and have so many passions that they run circles around most people. 

So, look, here's the point I've been trying to make for almost 3 months every day with these emails. 

(Physical + emotional + spiritual + mental) health ==> awesome you

Awesomeness begets more awesomeness which might just be the baby you want.

It takes work though to build a strong enough foundation for conception and pregnancy.  If you're willing to take the medicine I'm doling out with these daily emails, keep reading. 

Do what resonates with you. 

If it doesn't, suck it up and try it out for a week and see if it sits better for you.  Just like some foods are acquired tastes, some habits require an open mind and consistency to feel good.

Now, go out there and just be the best version of yourself you can be.  I sound like a Hallmark Card but you get the drift.

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