Ignore This Gift At Your Own Risk

Yikes!  I avoided a run-in yesterday with a guy I went on a few dates with over a year ago. 

I couldn't walk away because I needed to buy the 1 thing I came to the store at 9pm in my jammies for.  So I did the whole turn-my-back on him and brush my hair forward trick. It worked.

If the universe was telling me to give him another chance, I was NOT answering that call.

It was an easy, instinctive response.  No uncertainty there.

On the other hand, there are plenty of times when I need to make decisions with a lot of thought.  The answers aren't always clear probably because there may not be a simple solution.

In those cases, I have to go on my gut instinct.  Often though, those initial reactions get drowned out by the noise in my head and of others.  To the point that I no longer remember what my first reaction was.

So I have to make a conscious effort to tap into my intuition as a guide.

"I've trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life." - Oprah Winfrey

Notice 2 key words?  "Still" and "small"

In our culture, there's a pride associated with being busy.  It shows that we're constantly doing something and therefore accomplishing a lot. It's rare to hear someone talk about how rewarding it is to be still.  People often feel guilty for saying that as if there's something wrong with doing nothing.

But because our intuition often comes in small whispers, we need to have the space to hear them.  Unfortunately, they don't boom out like Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments" to grab our attention. 

With enough stillness, your intuition will come from a place of love and abundance, not fear and scarcity, to guide you.

Most of us have been in relationships longer than we should have.  We ignored the voice inside.  Cuz we were scared of the unknown and afraid that we couldn't do any better.  

But once we really let go of that person and moved on, it's a freedom with new possibilities.

And that's how you know you made the right choice.  It feels expansive and life-giving. Not constrictive like a decision based on fear and scarcity would feel.  

It'll feel like you can take a deep breath again.  

Instead of thinking "Is this all there is?", you're excited about what's next. 

When you're trying to get pregnant, there will be many times when you'll have to make a difficult decision.  You'll have to figure out the next step after another failed cycle.  Or you'll have doubts about being able to conceive at your age.  Are your eggs too old?  Are the risks of the medications worth it?  Can you handle the stress of the financial cost?  On and on it goes.  

Tapping into your intuition will guide you to the right direction.

To sum it up, these are the 3 qualities of an intuitive decision:

  • It arises from stillness and quiet of the mind.  
  • It comes from love and abundance, not fear and scarcity
  • It's expansive, not constrictive.

Trust that internal GPS.  It's a gift we are all born with.

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