Wake Up to Subway's 50% Chicken Call


You're at work.  Clock strikes 12.  What's for lunch?

The dinner leftovers you packed and brought from home?

Or do you head out with your coworkers to grab a sandwich?

Hopefully, if you're a past or present patient of mine, you will have your lunchbox of fresh, whole food dinner leftovers at the ready.

Hmm, but if I were to guess, I'll bet that's not the case.

Look, I know it's convenient to go out for lunch.  And my medicine today is gonna go down like sawdust to most of you.

Buuut, if your health is a priority and it should be if you're trying to get pregnant, then suck it up and pack a lunch. 

Reality check: it really isn't that hard to cook a little more dinner so you have enough leftovers to pack you and your partner a healthy midday meal.

Cuz everything else are excuses.

  • I'm too busy.  No, you're not.  Get off FB and spend the 2 minutes to reach in the cupboard for your container, portion out your lunch, and stick it in the fridge. Easy peasy.
  • I can't cook.  You have a brain and hands?  Then you can learn. Get a recipe and follow the directions.  As with anything else, you'll get better with practice.  Or ask a friend to help you.  They won't mind showing off their culinary skills.  Salads are a beginning cook's best friend.  Salads are just like Ikea furniture.  Assembly required but usually no or little cooking needed. 
  • It costs more to get fresh, whole, quality ingredients.  Maybe.  I've never done a dollar for dollar comparison.  If it is, so be it.  Cuz I'm not willing to compromise my and my family's health to save a few dollars here and there.  The long-term costs of eating crap food will far outstrip the short term dollar costs of buying nutrient dense foods that I can recognize. 

Tough love aside.  There are so many reasons why you should be staying away from processed fast food or takeout.

Earlier this month, Time Magazine reported that Subway's chicken was only half chicken and the other half filler - mostly soy protein, according to lab test results done by a Canadian university.  Subway denied the findings.

Either way, on average, fast food chicken contains about 25 percent less protein than home-cooked chicken breast.  That's because of the water infusions, fillers, refined starches, and sugars.

The point being is that you don't know what you get when you don't cook your own food.

Look, I'm not saying you need to eat home cooked meals all the time.  That's impossible.  But you do need to make more of an effort if you find yourself eating out at least half the time.

80/20 rule - Eat well 80% of the time so you can fall off the wagon the other 20% without feeling guilty.

Smart food choices are especially important if you're trying to conceive.  You wanna have a baby?  Well, you need the right nutrients to provide strong building blocks.  It's not just about getting pregnant.  You still have 9 months to grow that 1 fertilized egg into a human being. 

So take the admittedly less convenient route of eating fresh, whole, natural, organic foods.  Your body will thank you.

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