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Cuz anything related to s-e-x is fun. 

Am I right?  Or am I right?

We all know s-e-x can get a little ho-hum when you're looking at the calendar and peeing on a strip to figure out when you're ovulating. The spontaneity vanishes during that time of month.

Let's get real here though.  S-e-x in any long-term relationship can get a little flat. 

But it's important to keep your intimate relationship exciting so it doesn't become a casualty of the fertility journey.  Part of that is to make sure both parties are getting what they want out of their intimate moments.  Often, that's not the case though, especially for women.

In a new study of 52,000 Americans that should be called "Duh!", researchers found that straight women were the least likely to orgasm out of any group.  Including straight men, gay men, lesbians, bisexual men, and bisexual women.  

In revealing WTF! statistics, these are the usually-to-always orgasm rates of each group when they're sexually intimate:

  • Heterosexual men - 95%
  • Gay men - 89%
  • Bisexual men - 88% 
  • Lesbians - 86% 
  • Bisexual women - 66%
  • Heterosexual women - 65%

Soooo, when men are introduced into the equation with women, orgasm rates drop dramatically. 

Have hope, ladies!  Because the stats show that you can (and should) get more orgasms.

Hmmm...what can be done to help a girl out?  I'm so glad you ask!

The authors of the study report that women who orgasmed more frequentlywere more likely to:

  • receive more oral sex
  • have longer duration of sex
  • be more satisfied with their relationship
  • ask for what they want in bed
  • praise their partner for something they did in bed
  • call/email to tease about doing something sexual
  • wear sexy lingerie
  • try new sexual positions
  • anal stimulation
  • act out fantasies
  • incorporate sexy talk
  • express love during sex

The strongest predictor of orgasms for women is receiving oral sex. 

The second strongest predictor is how long sex lasted — meaning from the time you start being sexually intimate i.e. including foreplay, not just intercourse.

0-15 minutes of sex provides the lowest frequency of orgasms for women; more than 30 minutes provides the highest. 

Foreplay can be the hours leading up to intercourse.  Texting sweet messages.  Leaving an unexpected note in her purse to find during the day.  Giving her a long kiss when you leave for work.  All these little things add up to sexual intimacy and get a woman hot.

So are the secrets to being your woman's superhero.

You're welcome. ;p

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