Talking Dirty Today...Again


Speaking of the Big O from yesterday's email...

I have a tip for you...  But just a sec...

Btw, have your partner read today's email as well as yesterday's so you can both get on the same page about it. 


How do men deal with stress?  Uh, duh.  S-e-x
How do women deal with stress?  Food.

So lay-dies, get lay-d.  Lol, get it?  Meh.  I'm punchy this morning. 

Sub out the food with good ol' fashioned s-e-x is way better for you and your relationship.

Ok, here's my insider tip cuz you're in my golden circle.

On your fertile days as indicated by your egg-white cervical mucus and/or positive pee test days (OPK), you gotta get primed.

You know how the Brits make the perfect cup of tea?  Yeah, I don't either.

But I do know that they pre-warm the teapot first.  Fill it with hot water.  Then dump it out.  This is so your tea will stay hot longer.

Same idea, lay-dies...

About 15-30 minutes before you get to bizness with your man, you gotta get your engine running. 

By yourself. 

You know what I mean, don't cha?

If I must spell it out, I'm talking about m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-o-n. 

The reasons for this are:

  • If you've already orgasmed, you're more pumped and ready to go when it's time to do the baby dance.  He won't have to work so hard or so long to give you the finish.
  • The vaginal secretions are the sperm's Uber, helping them get to their destination.
  • The finish is important because the contractions help move those little spermies along from your vuhgina into your uterus.
  • The more orgasms you can have, the more contractions so the better your chances.
  • Refer to yesterday's email for tips on the hows of getting more orgasms.  Today is about the when.

Who woulda thunk, huh? 

No worries.  That's why I'm here.  I've got your back.

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