How To Create Your Own Luck... Even If You Think Don't Have Any

In creating the life you want, don't hand your fate over to Lady Luck.

Instead, make your own.

It's actually quite simple...

Luck = preparation + opportunity

How often do we see a breakout movie star and think "Wow, that person got lucky getting this role!"?  We don't see the endless auditions they've gone to, the rejections, the obscure roles no one has ever heard of.  This is actually depicted in "La La Land".

My own daughters did some modeling.  We had to drive from SD to LA for auditions and call backs.  That was 2.5-3hrs each way, often in rush hour traffic because we went after school.  They got a few jobs.  But they were rejected 95% of the time. 

The auditions were their preparation. 

The opportunities, although far and few between, gave them fun experiences.  For kids, the photo shoots are totally fun.  They get to skip school, play with a bunch of other kids.  And the kicker is, they get paid for just hanging out!

My older daughter modeled twice for Nordstrom's and did a commercial.  My younger daughter worked for The Children's Place and had other gigs.  These weren't lucky breaks.  They resulted from consistently showing up to do the work. 

When you're having difficulties getting pregnant, you may think you're unlucky. 

That's true. 

You were given a crummy situation.  That's completely out of your control. 

But to change that around, remember...

Luck = preparation + opportunity

Do the preparation so that when the opportunity arises every month or each medicated cycle, you are ready. 

Consistently doing the work will stack the odds in your favor.

And by work, I mean being the most healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually you can be.

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