Orphans Show Me What's Most Important

I joined a group of San Diegans this weekend to make the short drive to Baja California. 

The main purpose of the trip was to bring donated goods to an orphanage.

Between the 18 of us, our caravan of 7 SUVs & pick up trucks were stuffed full of used clothing, toys, and food.

This private orphanage survives almost entirely on donations.  It gets pitifully little funding and assistance from the Mexican government.

Yet, it needs to house, clothe, feed, and educate 32 kids ranging from 1yo-18yo. 

What struck me the most was how happy the kids were despite how little they have. 

But the one thing they seem to have plenty of is love for each other.  They have formed their own family. 

I can see it in how the older ones take care of the younger kids.  In how they're all happily playing with each other.  Or relaxing in a corner watching all the activity.

They will likely stay in the orphanage until they're ready to leave at 18yo.  Which is a good thing because many are siblings who couldn't bear to be separated from each other.

As you work to grow your own family, take a moment to be grateful for who you have in your life.  However long your fertility journey may take, it's these people who will provide the love and support you need.

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