Julie Gone Wild in Mexico

I spent the weekend in Mexico. 

When in Mexico, eat like a Mexican. :)

I went a little hog crazy on the food.  When your friend says you have a tapeworm, you're eating mucho. 

Lots of carbs, almost no veggies, plenty of churros.

That's ok though.  When I'm traveling to a new place, I loosen my dietary restrictions because part of the fun is getting to know the culture through their food.

Now that I'm home, today's a different day though.  I want to clean up my body.

So I'm doing a protein fast. 

Not eating protein for 24 hours stimulates a biological process called autophagy.

It's the body's natural process of recycling cell parts that are no longer usable into healthy cell components.

Today I eat lots of veggies, saturated fats like ghee, coconut oil, avocado, and some healthy carbs like fruit and sweet potatoes.

Doing these quick and easy 24 hour protein fasts after a binge is a great way to detox.

Even better, make it a habit and do it once a week.

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