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The single biggest concern among my patients is how to improve egg quality.  It should also include how to get better sperm quality.

Contrary to what many people believe, egg quality can be improved.  

Yes, you're born with the amount of eggs you'll have in your lifetime.  You can't produce more like men can with their sperm.  

However, many factors affect the development of the egg as it matures in preparation for ovulation.

One of them is sleep and the quality of it.

A new study published this month reveals that not getting enough quality sleep raises the risk of a wide range of mental and physical disorders, such as memory loss, Alzheimer's, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and stroke.  

To determine how well you're sleeping, ask these questions:  

  • How easy is it for you to wake up in the morning?  Or do you need the snooze button several times?
  • Do you wake up feeling refreshed or tired?
  • How do you feel during the day?
  • Do you often fall asleep while watching TV or reading in the evening after work?  If this is happening for you, call it a night earlier.

Deep, restful sleep is important so that your body has time to repair itself.  While awake, your brain and body are too busy taking care of other functions to go into repair mode.

If poor sleep is a problem with you, correcting it will make a huge difference in your fertility.

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