Janet Jackson - Mom at 50yo. How is it possible?

Woot!  Woot!  It's the weekend.

Let's kick it off with some old school tunes.

Janet Jackson's back in the limelight now that she has split from her billionaire hubby after giving birth to their son just a few months ago.  We'll get back that to that later...

For you young'uns out there, if you don't know who Janet Jackson is, it's time to get a proper education.

For us ol' folks, it's 80's nostalgia.

You can see one of her biggest hits (maybe the biggest?), Rhythm Nation, here.  Watch it later after you read this email.

After watching the original video, check out the awesome lip sync version by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt here.

Ok, back to why I bring her up.  

She gave birth to her first child in January at 50yo.  So fantastic for her!

There's a "but" here though...

The likelihood of it being her biological child is very, very slim.  Almost non-existent.  

It's more likely that she used an egg donor.

We don't know for sure.  She didn't share that publicly.

The potential pitfall of hearing about pregnancies in older female entertainers is that you don't have the full picture.  This leads to false hope.  

You think if she's able to, then you should as well.  

A big difference though is that she has a much bigger bank account than the average person.  So she can do a lot more expensive procedures.  

That doesn't mean for you to lose hope if you can't afford the most advanced procedures.

Instead, make sure you know your situation and how much you're willing to do.  

Explore your options.  

I hear so many people disregard acupuncture because they think it's woo-woo.  You don't need to believe in it for it to work though.

Do you know exactly how aspirin affects the body biochemically to get rid of headaches?  Me neither.  Still works though.  It has a biological effect whether you know about it or not.  Same with acupuncture. 

Stories abound on the internet about how people are able to get pregnant with more natural methods.  

If you're in your late 30's or older and you are still trying to get pregnant, do yourself a favor and research the different ways to improve your fertility.

My oldest patient who was able to get pregnant was 46yo and it was naturally.

Don't compare yourself to others because you are different.  

Figure out what areas you can improve in so your fertility can also get better.

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