I was thinking about you in the shower...

Inspiration often comes on the porcelain throne when you least expect it.

For the more evolved, it comes during meditation.  Hmm, I guess I have a ways to go on that evolutionary scale cuz it ain't coming from there.

Today, it came in the shower. 

It was past noon and I still hadn't written my daily email.  Didn't know what to write about...

Then it hit me. 

Hey, don't judge me for showering that late.  I went to yoga first.  Have you worked out yet?

Those coffee grounds you throw away?

Use them in your shower. 

To get your blood and lymph circulating.  All that juice stagnates from sitting too much, not exercising enough, and stress.

And that's no bueno for fertility.  Need your ovaries, uterus, testicles, and brain jacked up on nutrient-rich blood for proper hormonal regulation.

Do this as often as you like to feel invigorated.  The smell of the coffee helps to wake you up also.

The bonus is that your skin is buttery soft afterwards.

For extra oomph, wear exfoliating shower gloves as you scrub yourself with the coffee grounds. 

If you want to go the whole mile, you can follow the direction of the acupuncture channels to move the energy in the right direction. 

Go with the flow...

  • Up the outside of your arms from hand to shoulder
  • Down the inside of your arms from armpit to palm
  • Up the inside of your legs from ankle to groin
  • Down the outside and back of your legs from hip to outer ankle
  • clockwise on your abdomen

Scrub a dub, dub.

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