How You're Making it Worse for Yourself - We All Do This!


I used to get anxiety before going to the dentist.  It's the anticipation of bad news like having a cavity, deep pocket depths, and whatnot.

My attitude towards the visits is a lot more positive now. 

I'm doing a better job of reframing the biannual experience.  I appreciate him catching things early enough that it can be fixed relatively inexpensively and less invasively.

He told me yesterday that I need to get 2 fillings to fill in fractures from grinding.  Ergh!

That's what I get for not replacing my night guard that I lost 3 months ago.  Didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Whoops!  I got caught with my granny panties down.  

And so it is - $350 for 2 fillings.  Out-of-pocket since I don't have dental insurance.  

Tip: always ask for a cash discount.  You'll be surprised at what you can get.  That's the Chinese in me. ;)  You're welcome!

You have no idea how many people come to me after dealing with their infertility issues for YEARS.  Probably 80%, if not 90%.

Look, I understand it's difficult.  That's why I write these daily emails - to help support you through the process.

But as with any health issue, ignoring the problem doesn't make it disappear.  

If you're lucky, it might resolve itself.  But do you want to wait years before figuring out that it's not going away on its own?  

In fact, the longer you take to address the problem, the more expensive it gets and the less options are available to you.

Take responsibility for your health today.  

If you've been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for more than 6 months and you're over 35yo, get ye butt to a holistic practitioner like an acupuncturist or naturopath.

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