How To Have Hot Monkey Love Again

My 12yo knows about Tinder, Bumble, and Match.  

How can she possibly know anything about these dating apps?!?  I asked her last night at the dinner table.

She saw them on her dad's phone she replies with a big smile and twinkle in her eye.  She's knows what her dad's up to...

I couldn't help but laugh with her as she shares her little secret with me.  If only he knew...

Personally, I would be mortified if she saw how many dating apps I was using to get hooked up.  

To HER embarrassment, I'm open with my daughter about most things but I'm not ready to share that slice of my life with her just yet.

I'm gradually introducing the topic of sex to her so we can have deeper discussions about it without her wanting to beeline out of the room.

Intimacy is a difficult topic to discuss, regardless of age and relationship status.  

A lot of fears bubble up that can prevent sharing your deepest needs and desires.  

But this can lead to your sex life getting into a rut. ESPECIALLY when you're trying to time it for conception. 

There's hope though.  And the solution is actually quite simple.

Pay attention.

According to a recent study, our sexual desire for our partner is rooted in one of the most basic fundamentals of a healthy relationship — being attentive to your partner or what the researchers in the study call "responsiveness".

The study found that the more responsive a partner is, the more valued the mate becomes.  In turn, sexual desirability and attraction toward the partner deepened.

How can you be more responsive to your partner? When he or she shares something with you, respond with 100% attention, empathy and affection.  Listen without interrupting, prejudging, or showing off.  

Over time, this attention will fuel your sexual attraction towards each other. And you'll have hot monkey sex again.

It's natural for that sexual spark to dim over time but so does our attention toward one another as life gets in the way. Now we know how to tend to that sexual fire so it doesn't go out.

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