Earning Your Black Belt of Fertility


Both my daughters go to martial arts classes.  

In fact, my 12 yo just received her newest rank last week.  Her next belt will be black and will take another year of training before she can test for it  She has stuck it out for 7 years.

They didn't choose the sport.  In fact, there have been many times that they've wanted to drop out.  

It doesn't help that their sensei is very stern.  Unlike the nicey-nicey teachers they're used to.  Good!  That toughens them up.  

Nope - them being martial arts kick-asses was all my doing.

As a child, there have been 2 instances when I felt my safety had been at risk.  

Once when I was walking through a park in the mid-afternoon and 2 older kids demanded that I hand over any money I had.  I was too scared to do anything but.

The 2nd time was as a young adult walking home at night and a stranger followed me to the front gate of my building.  It was particularly scary because he was blocking my escape route.  I screamed which fortunately scared him off.

I knew when my daughters were old enough, they needed to learn martial arts.  So they would be prepared if the moment ever comes that they needed to defend themselves or give themselves that split second advantage to run away.

So they have years of preparation for a moment that hopefully will never, ever come.  It doesn't matter because the time, money, energy spent are well worth my peace of mind.

In the meantime while they train to build their fighting skills, they gain tremendous self-confidence.  They will never get bullied which is very much a reality in today's schools.

In fact, my daughter got called to the principal's office for hitting a boy when she was 10yo.  The boy was a bully and she stood her ground.  Good for her!  He never bothered her again.  Hmm - couldn't congratulate her in front of the principal but I was definitely puffed up with pride.  Don't worry - he wasn't hurt. :) 

Anyhoo, it's the preparation that's important to note here.  And sticking it out for the long haul, not the short-term gain.

So many people give up or never even try to improve their fertility naturally.  Which is a shame because there are so many things you can do on your own to boost your chances.  Infertility is a multi-factorial issue - there isn't just one thing that you can do to magic bullet your way to success.

The fertility journey is a marathon.  Not a sprint.  

It takes time, consistency, diligence.  And most of all, it takes faith.

Faith in knowing that being your healthiest will benefit you overall and then the fertility will naturally follow.  That's your black belt.

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