I Can Hear the Groans Already...

If you're trying to get pregnant, you want to know what foods will be better for fertility.  

Makes sense. 

What doesn't make sense to me is that if I give nutritional advice that a person doesn't like, she'll dismiss it.  

It's like me taking my car to my mechanic because I hear an alarming noise.  He diagnoses the problem and tells me what needs to be fixed.  I don't turn around and say "Thank but no thanks".  Where's that going to get me?  Nowhere. Literally.  Cuz my car will eventually become a broken down piece of junk sitting on the freeway, smoking causing a traffic jam.  People cussing me out.

Same goes for my recommendations.  I would love to tell you to eat all the breads, pasta, sweets you want.  That just ain't the reality.

You may not like my medicine but it works.

So here's today hard to swallow medicine that many of you are gonna groan about.

Fish eggs are one of the most potent traditional “superfoods” for fertility.

If you want better eggs, you need to eat high quality, nutrient dense eggs.  See how that works?  Like attracts like.

Some of the powerhouse nutrients include:

  • Omega-3 fats - anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin D - one of the few foods sources
  • Vitamin B12 - important for brain development
  • Selenium - protects eggs and sperm from damage
  • Magnesium - reduces stress, improves sleep, helps you poop
  • Iron - encourages ovulation

You can get fresh fish eggs from a fish market or ask your local supermarket.  Ask the fishmonger how to cook them.  

Asian markets will have prepackaged eggs.  Just make sure the only added ingredient is salt to cure the eggs.  A lot of prepackaged eggs will have MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and/or artificial color.  Stay away from those.  Read labels!  They can be eaten straight or sprinkled on something like rice.

1-2 tablespoons a day is ideal.

Go forth now and buy ye some fish eggs.

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Julie Chang,
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