A Page Out of Casanova's Handbook...

I had a date Monday night

...with a friend. 

Sorry, no juicy gossip here.  Trust me, I'm more sorry than you are. ;)

It turned out to be happy hour all night. 

Their usual $3.50 oyster was $1.  So down the hatch went 5 of those yummies.

We had a great time catching up while eating some excellent food. 

Sooo, it got me thinking.

Oysters and date night.

As you probably already know, oysters are considered an aphrodisiac.   In fact, Casanova, the 18th century lover, was rumored to eat 50 oysters for breakfast so he would be extra frisky when meeting up with his laydeez.

They're also reputed to boost fertility.  High in zinc, they can help improve sperm quality.  Researchers also found that oysters contain amino acids which trigger production of sex hormones.

So here's my suggestion:
If you and/or your partner like raw oysters, make it a date night on your fertile days to hunt down those lovelies.  Make it fun and try a new restaurant each month.  Find out when happy hour is so you can take advantage of the killer deals.

My San Diego restaurant recommendations are Ironside and Herringbone.

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