How the Traffic App Waze Helps Navigate Your Fertility Journey

Driving 2.5 hours to Los Angeles Saturday was the usual tedious traffic-laden experience.  That's a total of 5 hours in the car.  Yuck!

Fortunately, the app Waze helps me navigate some of it so I'm not in bumper to bumper traffic as much.  

Unlike Google Maps or iPhone's Maps which keeps me on the main roads, Waze takes me on side streets.  That completely put me in panic mode when I used it the first few times cuz I was going through residential neighborhoods and wondering if I had been misdirected.  

It even is clever enough to direct me to using the off ramps which I love cuz I do that all the time.  It's actually a game I play when I hit local rush hour.  I'll spot a car that stands out (usually a truck) and see whether or not I can beat it by using the off-ramp, going through the light, and getting right back on the freeway.  It's kinda fun. Gotta get my cheap thrills somehow. 

Waze made me think about how we often navigate life.  

We get so used to doing what we've always done (like using Google Maps or Maps) because it's familiar that we don't even realize there are other ways to get to our destination (as with Waze).

It's definitely more nerve wracking trying new routes because it's unfamiliar territory.  But the side trips can often be unexpectedly rewarding like when I'm driving through quiet, tree-lined residential neighborhoods instead of at a stand still on the freeway.  I would much rather be moving forward even though I'm no longer on the most direct route.

So maybe your fertility journey has been disappointingly long and indirect with a lot of unexpected obstacles.  

But keep your mind open to all the other options you have to help you along the way.

Part of that is to implement my suggestions in these emails.  

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