Cockroaches deserve our kindness

Be nice to cockroaches...

encourages PETA, in honor of National Pest Control Month in June.

WTF... I HATE them!

I've been horribly traumatized by my abundant experiences with them when living in NYC as a kid.  

And my first trip to Taiwan when I was introduced to those lovely buggers.  Asian roaches are WAAAYYYY bigger than the little bitty American ones.  They're an inch long, sometimes bigger, and can FLY!!

I remember a kid busting out a can of hair spray and lighting the aerosol to create a flaming torch to kill the roaches as they flew around us.  It worked.  The clean up was nasty though.

So no, I will not be kind to roaches.  

I'm gonna squish them and hope they're not one of the pregnant, juicy ones cuz those are especially gross. Trust me.

But beyond the insects, there are human versions of roaches.  

The ones who ask for favors or stuff like free advice –– and then if you need anything are nowhere to be found.

Those are roaches you need to cut out of your life without mercy.  They will drag you down, suck up your energy, and leave you twisting in the wind whilst whistlin' Dixie.

No, let's not worry about being nice to the roaches, insect or human.

Let's bring it closer to home.

Be kind to yourself, your partner, your friends and family.

How often do we lash out in anger, frustration, and from stress?  

Learning to catch ourselves before we let loose on an unsuspecting victim that just happened to be in our path takes awareness and practice.  

Establishing harmony in our homes is vital to reducing stress so you can create a calm space to invite a baby into your life.

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