Preventing the disappointment of seeing Aunt Flo...again

A patient this week expressed her disappointment when her period came.  She's 42yo.  She's at the point where she's not sure if she should give up trying to get pregnant.  

Another patient is prepping for an IUI next month.  It's dicey as to whether or not it'll work because her doctor is experimenting with a new protocol since she isn't responding in a typical fashion.

I gave them the same advice.  

And that's to...


There are going to be certain times of the month when you and your partner need to do the horizontal tango.  If you wanna get pregnant, you gotta get the deed done during your fertile window period.

Often, the s-e-x gets a wee bit stale because it's so scheduled.  

So every now and then, make a conscious effort to use these interludes to reconnect, change it up, and make sex fun.  Keeping it fresh might just bring you back to the days when you first met and couldn't keep your hands off each other.    Great sex deepens your emotional connections.  Fall in love with each other again every month.

It seems to me that if you can give yourself fully to the physical and emotional intimacy, the love and fulfillment that naturally follows will create a more loving space for a baby than looking at the calendar and saying "It's that time, honey."

This way, you can cherish the renewed bonds and not focus so much on the disappointment of Aunt Flo, if she comes.  Providing you with the opportunity to be grateful for your partner and what he does for you.

To help you with spicing up your sex life, get John Gray's new book "Beyond Mars and Venus" using this link.  If you get the book, as a bonus, you'll get access to his "Secrets to Great Sex" audio file.  And that's what I really want for you to get.  It's a 2 hour listen with great advice on how to reinvigorate and keep your sex life fulfilling.

You're welcome!

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