The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal I've Seen In a Long Time


I met a guy last week.  We hit it off.  Chemistry off the charts.  

But I'll be moving on.   

I have to accept that he's just not that into me.  

Yes, it's very soon to make that decision.  But when a girl knows, a girl knows.  Right?

I can't let the fact that he's a hot Latino distract me from my mission.  Sigh...

My mission of doing and being my best in all aspects of my life.  My commitment to only surround myself with people who support and care about my well being.  Those are my goal posts.  Everything else is a distraction.  I have enough distractions as it is so I don't need more.

It wasn't an easy decision to "next" him because feeling chemistry for someone is so rare.  

But guys are like buses.  There's always another one coming. I just have to wait a little longer for the right one that will take me to my destination.

What really hit it home was when I saw this video today.  I mean, seriously.  Who the heck doesn't want that kind of love?!?

The creator of the video, Lee Bellinger, is a marketer and newsletter publisher.  He arranged for this video to be played in a posh movie theater during the trailers while he was on a date with his girlfriend.  

She said "yes".

Most of you reading this email are married.  Take a few moments today to remember your own marriage proposal.  Thank him for being in your life and being such a wonderful partner on this journey as you work towards growing your family.  Finding your life partner is a special gift to be acknowledged on a daily basis.  So revel in your love.

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