Here's a quickie for you...

My mind is about to implode with all the info from yesterday's conference...

It's so great to be with like-minded peeps.  

We're all geeking out about nutrition, specifically how important saturated fat is, especially for hormonal health.  Yes, that means FERTILITY!!!

I'll be sharing tidbits over the coming weeks.

But I learned a great meditation technique yesterday to clear the mind and reduce stress in under 30 seconds.  


Now it won't replace the longer sessions (at least 20 minutes) that you should do daily.

But it's great for a quick stress release before you get all Godzilla on someone.

Here goes...

  1. Stand or sit with feet planted on the ground.  If you can do this barefoot, even better.  If you can be barefoot on grass or sand, that's best.
  2. Close eyes or stare gently ahead.
  3. Breathe deeply as you focus on the weight of your body on the balls of your feet.
  4. Starting from the top of your head down your body to your toes, scan your body for any areas of tension.  Pay particular attention to your jaw, neck, shoulders, and lower back.  Relax tensed areas.
  5. For as long as you need, continue breathing as you focus on bringing the energy down to the balls of your feet.

How easy was that?

Hit "Reply" to this email and let me know what you felt.  I got all tingly and warm.  What about you?

Know someone dealing with infertility?   Of course you do!  

Even if you don't, you know someone who's a stressed out basket case and can benefit from today's tip.  

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