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Today's email is simply about gratitude.

It gets increasingly difficult to stay tuned to the news.  It seems every day there's a heart-wrenching attack on innocent people.  As with Monday's concert tragedy in Manchester.

My daughters could so easily have been at a concert.  I can't imagine what these families are going through.  
It does serve as a reminder though to be grateful for what we already have.  

Often we focus on what we DON'T have, on what's missing.  

But in doing so, we forget to stay in the present so we can appreciate the gifts we are blessed with.

Health, family, friends, food, shelter, income.

When you're in a state of fear and doubt, shift your thoughts as quickly as possible to something you're grateful for.  

You can't be anxious if you're thankful.

When you're uncertain about whether or not you can get pregnant, think instead about how you have the resources to overcome your situation.  You have access to health care practitioners who can help you.  Dr. Google can provide guidance.  These daily emails.

Get empowered instead of feeling defeated.

Being and staying in a state of abundance will beget more.  

STAYING in abundance is the difficult part because it requires being conscious of our thoughts and actions.

On the other hand, being in a state of lack and scarcity will attract more of the same.  This is the state where most people remain because it's the path of least resistance.  

Where do you choose to be?

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