Why I was fired...

Arggghhh!!  Friggin' hell, half of my email was deleted.  Don't you hate it when that happens?!?  I'm going to try and remember what I wrote for attempt #2...

I recently re-watched the film Avatar with my kids.  

What impressed me the most was the idea of connecting back to nature as it was presented with the Na'vi's (the blue indigenous people) neural connection through their tails.  The Na'vi could link to any other living thing on the planet Pandora via this connection.

I can't help but hope that the director James Cameron was delivering this concept into mass consciousness through this beautiful film. 

Because this message of going back to nature gets muted with every new technological development we admittedly benefit from.

As technology advances exponentially, we're surrounded by wireless, electromagnetic fields and electrical noise.  

Increased exposure to artificial lighting as we spend more time indoors.  This wreaks havoc with our circadian rhythms and our hormonal health which are dependent on natural sunlight.

This constant exposure to artificial energy builds up positive ions in our bodies which can be harmful if not released and neutralized.

The Earth is a natural abundant source of negative ions.

How relaxing is a walk on the beach?

Research shows that oxygen by a large waterfall has 100,000 negative per cubic centimeter.  

Compare that to a dismal 500 negative ions per cubic centimeter in an office or bumper to bumper rush hour freeway traffic.

This can explain why you feel so refreshed on a cool, clear morning in the mountains and you can hardly stay awake in the office.

That reminds me...

The one time I was fired was for falling asleep on the job.  The boss found me with my head on the desk, snoozing away cuz I was bored out of my mind.  Shoulda claimed that I was suffering from positive ion overwhelm as a health condition.

I guess that's why I can't work for the "man" cuz this woman likes to nap whenever I want. :)


Since most people can't easily access a raging waterfall or the beach, a simpler way to ground the excess positive ions is by...

Hugging a tree!!

It's kinda like when you walk across a carpet...  You're picking up a charge from the carpet.  That jolt when you touch a metal doorknob is the release of that charge.

The tree acts as a doorknob to absorb the positive ions and ground you.

But if you're too embarrassed to hug a tree, sitting underneath it is just as good.  Even better, go barefoot and touch the soil or grass.  

Do some deep breathing while sitting barefoot under a tree.

Or garden.  Take the gloves off though so you're actually touching the soil and plants with your skin.

Reconnecting with nature daily is essential for physical, emotional, and hormonal health.  Your fertility will thank you.

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