How to kick jealousy in the a$$

Seeing happy couples used to make me jealous.  Then the jealousy would turn into sadness.  And there goes the rest of my day...

When I separated from my ex early last year, all that lovey dovey crap made me want to throw turd pies at them.  
Over time (a looong time), that jealousy transformed.  

Now I'm filled with hope that my failed marriage was for the best and paved the way for an even brighter future.

Just as I struggled with despair, you probably have as well.

You've been trying to get pregnant for months, maybe years.  Possibly spent tens of thousands of dollars to no avail.  

Seeing pregnant women or families with newborns has become a negative trigger for you.  Maybe to the point that you won't go to baby showers.  Because it brings up jealousy, resentment, hopelessness.  You name it - you've probably felt every emotion.

There's a way though to transform your negative state into a more positive emotion.

And that's how I was able to shift my mindset.

The fastest way is to create a new association with that image.

Remember that you have control over your emotions.  So you can choose to be either jealous and sad or choose a more positive emotion.  

How do YOU want to feel in the midst of this circumstance?

Make a conscious decision to let that image put you in a positive state instead of a resentful state.

What meaning could you give that pregnant woman that would trigger a different feeling than jealousy?  That would trigger a feeling of possibility and love in you?  What thought could you think when you see them?

Maybe you can choose a thought that having a baby is possible for you despite your past history of seeing Aunt Flo.  That what you see is evidence of what can be right in front of you.  

Shifting to a positive state of abundance will create and attract more positive things into your life.

Trust me.  It works.

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Things in our life e.g. image we see, a smell, a song we hear, that triggers us to think a certain thought.  And then that thought puts us into a particular state of feeling or being

And so when I saw a happy couple, it triggered me to think "My marriage failed and now I'm single.  I don't like being single.  I feel lonely and sad.  

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