How Trump has affected me


Trump and our current administration has me obsessed with staying current on politics.  

The almost daily influx of new developments requires this vigilance.  

It's exhausting.  I've never followed politics all that closely.  Too busy doing other things.  And honestly, I felt kinda removed from it all.  

Not so now - the upcoming policy decisions will affect me and my family very directly.  Healthcare, Planned Parenthood, taxes, education, environment - to name just a few issues at the forefront.

I'm not used to being this engrossed in politics so there's a lot of new stuff to learn.  The policies and their associated language, key leaders - domestic and international, history of the particular issue and on and on.

That's a lot of noise.  Some of it thrown in to distract from core issues.  Some are straight up lies.  

Just as I have to wade through all that, you have to as well but in the area of reproductive health.  

The internet  and Dr. Google is flooded with info about how to get pregnant and how to overcome fertility challenges.  Some of it legit but most utter horse shyt.  You might be getting well meaning advice from

The challenge then is how to think critically about all this new info you're being exposed to.

Here are a few tips:

  • What's the source of the info?  Is it someone writing about their own personal experience or is it a clinician who has treated many patients with similar issues?
  • What was the exact content of what they said? Was it fact? Opinion? Or was it opinion disguised as fact?
  • Be aware of your own biases that may stop you from being open to new information.
  • Apply Occam's Razor.  Our bodies are incredibly complex, yet impossibly simple in its desire to gain balance and equilibrium.  As such, that old saying “Whatever the simplest solution is, is probably the correct one” is so common, because it is so true. 

Applying critical thinking to what you are presented with can provide the clarity you need to determine your next step and plan your overall fertility strategy.

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