BIG news! It's a game changer for me and for you...

Well, I had a busy weekend.  How about you?

While hanging with my 2 kids, I managed to create a new business model in which to take the direction of my practice.

That's no simple feat because I've been struggling with this for YEARS.  I knew that my business as it is currently isn't what I wanted long-term but I couldn't figure out how to pivot.  

I tried a bunch of stuff.  Nothing resonated with me.  

Until last weekend...when I went to a conference in Austin last weekend.

There I learned about a new emerging field.

Genomic based wellness & health  

Science has finally proven what complementary therapies such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture have known for thousands of years.  Our environment affects how our body responds.  Factors such as nutrition, supplements, sleep, stress, and movement all affect the functioning of our body.  

It doesn't seem groundbreaking now.  It's more like "Duh!".

But it hasn't been until the past decade or so that doctors even acknowledged emotional stress has very real physical effects.

I knew that as soon as I got my first speeding ticket decades ago.  From then on, every time I see a cop on the freeway, my body would get all Spider Man tingly warning me of danger and to slow down.

Many (f not, most) fertility doctors don't think egg quality can be changed.  They believe that the older you get, the more screwed you are.

Well, I'm officially giving these doctors my middle finger now.

Genomic based wellness & health is the study of how the environment affects the way our genes are expressed in order to reach optimal health.  The DNA you're born with is not the end-all-be-all.  It does NOT determine your destiny.  We have proven without a shadow of a doubt that we have far more control over how our DNA is expressed than we thought.  

In fact, I met a guy at the conference last week who overcame Stage 4 prostate cancer purely with lifestyle changes!

The Human Genome Project to map the human DNA started in 1990 and took 13 years to complete in 2003.  

The challenge has been how to take the information that has been learned in the past 14 years outside the science laboratory and apply it to us in our daily lives so we can benefit.

This is where genomic based wellness & health comes in.

We can now map our individual DNA very inexpensively.  More on that to come in a future email...

Using that raw data, we have the ability to make lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic code to optimize your health.  So it's about as personalized medicine as you can get.  In fact, as the field grows with additional clinical data and scientific studies, it will give us even more answers on how to reach our potential.

Yours truly (that's me in case you're wondering) is the first (that I know of) who will apply Genomic based wellness & health to the fertility and reproductive health fields.  

Over the upcoming months, as I learn about the clinical application of Genomic based wellness & health for overcoming fertility issues, pre-pregnancy planning, and well baby health, I'll be sharing this with you in almost real time via my daily emails. 

It will be an exciting time for me.  And hopefully for you.

I hope you see the power of what's to come.  If not, you will be turned to the dark side eventually. :)

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