Clarity comes from ignoring your loved ones


Every week, I meet with or phone at least one friend and talk with my family.

It doesn't seem like a big deal.  But as a single working mom, I only have 50% of my time to fit in things that are just for me.  The other 50% is with my kids.

I do this because I know with 200% certainty that the most important thing I can do to  live my best life is to surround myself with positive, supportive people who love me and want to see me succeed.

I have to be brave enough to ask these people to tell me the truth. The real, raw, unfiltered truth.  They can provide a clarity that surgically cuts through the emotional maelstrom I might be experiencing.

There's a danger...

Even though their advice makes a lot of sense, it can cloud my intuition.

This happened in the past few days.  I told a few people about what I was wrestling with and they had spot-on insights.  With each new piece of advice, I would waffle back and forth on what I needed to do.  

It took a few days to reach my decision.  

Once I committed to that action though , I felt like I could breathe again.

I realized that all the wise advice in the world couldn't help me unless I made a decision that was based on my values.  When I came back into alignment, I was at peace.  It was incredibly freeing.

You'll likely have many moments on your fertility journey when you just don't know what to do.  

One way to help you make a decision is retreat into a quiet space so you can figure out the right course of action that is best for YOU.  It was through daily meditation that gave me clarity.  

It probably won't happen immediately but if you consistently allow yourself the space through meditation, prayer, hikes in nature without music in your ears, the answer will likely come to you.

The key is not to rush to a decision.  You'll feel a sense of urgency to resolve the issue asap but give yourself permission time to do what's right for you.

You got this.

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