This Popular Health Food Really Isn't Healthy...


Like any self-respecting Asian, I ate a lot of rice growing up.  It was a daily staple.  

Now, as an adult, knowing what I know about nutrition, I eat rice infrequently.  Maybe 1-2 times a month, usually in the form of sushi.

For fertility patients, I also recommend limiting daily carb consumption, including rice.  I would rather you focus on eating nutrient dense food.  Carbs are definitely NOT in that category.

People often choose brown rice over white, thinking it's a healthier option.

Hmm.  You might want to reconsider...

Brown rice has significantly more arsenic than white rice and should be avoided or consumed rarely.

Arsenic is a potent carcinogen that can also be harmful to a child’s developing brain.

The arsenic in rice is due to the rice being grown in soils contaminated with pesticides and herbicides.  Rice is one of the only major crops grown in water-flooded conditions, which allow the arsenic to be more easily taken up by the roots and stored in the grain.  Because the arsenic concentrates in the husk and the bran, brown rice will have more than white rice which have most of those polished off during white-rice processing.

Some of the worst offenders for arsenic are made from processed brown rice products like brown rice syrup, brown rice pasta, rice cakes, rice breakfast cereals, and rice baby cereals.

You don't need to completely eliminate rice from your diet.  But you do need to be careful about how much you consume.

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