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Ever been to a Korean day spa?  

I don't know how it compares to a Western upscale, shi shi spa.  That's never been something I wanted to spend my money on.  

But the Korean day spa...

Now that's a different story.

It's a no frills joint.  All about the intensive, exfoliating scrub and massage.

The scrub is the main attraction so I don't even remember how the massage feels and it was only last week when I went.

As I was getting 10 layers of my skin scrubbed off, I thought this is a perfect recommendation for you.

What better way to relax and improve the blood flow?  I harp about their importance for improving fertility in my emails all the time

Let me explain how it works at the spa I went to:
First, there is NO modesty in this joint.  Everyone is butt ass naked.  Men are in a different section so it's all good.

To get your skin softened and prepped, you start in the jacuzzi.  Then jump in the cold pool if you dare!.  The contrasting hot and cold temps really help to get the blood flow pumping.  Followed by the steam room.  Back in the cold pool.  Finally the sauna as you wait to be called by your masseuse.

She'll scrub you for about 40 minutes like there's no tomorrow.  It's rather nasty seeing all the skin come off.  

A massage follows with a hair wash and fresh cucumber facial mask.

You come out a new woman with skin like butta.

If you're in San Diego, you can check out Aqua Day Spa.  Most major metropolitan areas should have a Korean day spa for you to check out. 

So get your heinie in for an invigorating treat.  

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