I'm dialing 9-1-1. Who's gonna answer?

Since starting my daily emails Jan 2 of this year, I've peppered in a few recipes here and there.  

I don't do them as much as I would like.  Mainly because it takes time to research recipes that fit within my very strict criteria.  If it passes my KISS (keep it simple, stupid) test of ingredients and directions, I'll make the dish.  Only if I like how it tastes and would make the dish again will I write about them in the emails.

I have enough recipes to put together an e-book to boost fertility, regulate hormones, prepare for and breeze through menopause, and sharpen the brain.  So you can lead a a happier, easier, more fulfilled life.  But it all starts with the proper building blocks and that's where the recipes come into play.

Here's where I need your help...
1) If you have any recipes that you would like to share or point me to, I would be so grateful!  Here are my most important restrictions:

  • no dairy
  • no gluten 
  • no grain 
  • low to no sugar 
  • easy to cook so beginners won't be intimated

2) If you have seen a recipe e-book format that is appealing, please let me know.  I plan on incorporating more pictures, video, shopping list, and weekly meal plan.  I would like ideas on how to lay everything out in a user-friendly way.

If I use your recipe, you will get an advanced copy.  I'm not sure if I'm charging for it but if I do, you will get it free.

Thanks for your help!

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