Villains got game. So can you if you do as they do...

Ever noticed that villains have a singular mission?

My 8yo and I watched 3 episodes of the The Flash last night.  Sorry, spoiler alerts!

Ep. 1 - dude with boy band bangs wanted to conquer the world using his weather-controlling superpower
Ep. 2 - brilliant scientist turned killer avenged the death of his wife by beating the crap out of people because he could clone himself infinite times, Matrix-style
Ep. 3 - creepy, bald guy turned himself into poisonous gas to take revenge on the people who put him in the slammer

They all had a purpose.  

Clear and unwavering.  

They don't get distracted.  

You don't see them checking their FB, Instagram, Pinterest accounts.  


They're constantly coming up with schemes on how to kill the next person.  

You have a vision for yourself as you walk your fertility journey.  

Take a page out of the villains playbook...

You must work towards it every day.  Be relentless.  Cuz setbacks and challenges will inevitably appear.   'S ok.  But don't quit, no matter how tempting it is.

In pursuing your purpose, self-confidence, worthiness, and abundance will follow.

"A bad day working on your mission is better than a good day living a boring life of mediocrity like everyone else you know." - Ben Settle, author of "Persuasion Secrets of the World's Most Charismatic & Influential Villains"

You've got this.

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