Here's your chance to pay it forward

In March,  I joined a volunteer group called Baja Orphan Annie's to bring thousands of dollars worth of food, clothes, toys, and essentials to an orphanage in Mexico.  

Here's a cutie who is happily living with her 2 siblings at the home.  Her reaction when she tried on her new flip-flops...

We're headed across the border again Saturday.  PBS's Crossing South is bringing a crew to film us with the kids, providing coverage of what the organization does for orphanages in Baja California.  

The one we're going to houses 84 kids from infant to 18yo.  Some are special needs.  

The director and his wife are helped by a staff of 16 volunteers.  The director was himself an orphan at this same orphanage and so has been a part of it for much of his life.

On site are cows for milking, chickens for eggs, a pig for I-dunno-what, and a garden for self-sustenance.

The orphanage is 100% supported by donations and churches with zero funding from the Mexican government.  

Our group will go down with donated cash, stop at the Smart & Final on the Mexican side, and buy food and other essentials to bring to them.

Like we did in March...  There were a few more carts meandering around, getting loaded.

June 15.jpg

Because the orphanage is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), any donations are tax deductible.  

If you are grateful for all that you have and want to pay it forward, hit REPLY to this email with the amount that you would like to contribute and the email address I can send the PayPal request to.

Any financial assistance is greatly appreciated!

We also have room on the bus if you would like to join us for a morning of giving followed by an afternoon of wining and dining.  Email me for more info.

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