Are you a woman worth killing for?

Wars have been fought over women.  


Helen - the most beautiful woman in the world.  Although already married to King Menelaus of Sparta with 2 children, that didn't stop Prince Paris from spiriting her back to Troy for himself.  And thus the 10 year Trojan war began as the Greeks fought to reclaim Helen.

Ok, maybe a full out war over a woman might be too unbelieveable

Hear ye then...

The story of Scheherazade in One Thousand and One Nights...

In reverse Lorena Bobbit fashion, upon finding out his wife was unfaithful, the king vowed to marry a virgin every day and behead the previous day's wife to ensure her faithfulness.  Finally, he met Scheherazade.  To avoid her fate, she had a plan. Every night she would tell him a story with a cliffhanger.  He kept her alive each day so she could finish her tales. 1001 captivating stories later, he had fallen in love with her and made her his queen. 

Fictional tales these might be.  

But they underscore the power of the woman.

In a time when women are taught that the world is our oyster, we have forgotten what it means to be feminine.

So let me remind you that although the masculine qualities of ambition, drive, assertiveness is completely appropriate in the workplace so you can blast through the glass ceiling, these are qualities of testosterone.  If you stay in this mindset in your intimate relationship though, your testosterone stays elevated.  No bueno for fertility.  So leave your balls at work, girl.

Instead, balance that high achieving, forceful energy with the softer one of estrogen. Being a woman is about receiving and patience.  

Prime example:

Egg waits patiently in fallopian tube as millions of sperm battle it out to be da man.  Once fertilized, 9 months of patience is required.  (Then 18 years.)

You also have to look the part.  Sexy undies, beautifully fitted dress hinting at what's underneath (men want a lady in public but a skank at home), feminine essentials oils lingering on the skin.  

It's the weekend.  Pull out your LBD (little black dress), suck up the pinching of your stilettos (sorry but platforms just don't have the same effect), flirt with your man, and have awesome ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom.  

That's my best fertility advice for you today.  

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