Having fun doesn't just happen

Great food, fun conversations, travelling - combining all 3 is my nirvana.  I'll take 2 out of 3 though.

I did a lot more of that before kids came along.  It really stalled after progeny #2 due to time, money, and life.

It took me years to understand the whole "fit your kids into your life" motto.  Frankly, kids are tyrants and they will run your life if you let them.  Learning how to establish boundaries so I'm not being pulled every which way was and is still a process.

In retrospect with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I should have made more priority for the fun things that my ex and I had common interests in.  Instead of letting the daily routine and financial responsibilities take over.  I believe that had a huge part in the demise of our 14 year marriage.

We all have goals to achieve.  Whether it's to grow your family or in my case to revamp my business.  

Try not to let your fertility treatments dictate your life.  

Yes, you need to save money and work around the doctor's visits.  So that may limit what you can do.  

But you still need to tend to yourself and your partner.  

The amount of time and dedication you give to your fertility journey should not overshadow your relationships.  The people you love are already here in the present and those bonds can never be strengthened enough.

Instead, fit your fertility journey into your life.  The more you do things that you enjoy, the easier it is not to be tied to the outcome of each fertility cycle.  Because you're having too much fun to get bogged down by one aspect of your life.

Being outcome-independent is freedom.  Do the best you can - that's all you can ask of yourself.  

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