My visit to a Mexican orphanage

True story...

American family of five visits Mexico.  For unknown reasons, parents leave their 3 kids stranded in a foreign country.  Mexican government reaches out to American consulate for help in finding relatives but no one turns up.  What happens to these 3 unclaimed American children?  

They're sent to an orphanage 1 hour south of Tijuana where they now call home.  They'll attend public school, participate in extracurricular activities (one boy sang and played the guitar for us), and grow up with 80 other orphans, most of whom have escaped abusive homes as part of a large, extended family.

This is only one story of 3 siblings otherwise thriving in an orphanage, run on private and church donations.

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my request for contributions.  The organization, Baja Orphan Annie's, with which I'm a proud member of went down to Tijuana to bring donations to the orphanageSaturday.  With your aid, we were able to buy $600 worth of groceries and cleaning supplies from Smart & Final for the orphanage in addition to donated clothing and toys.

Here's an adorable boy excitedly waiting to see what the loot we brought included...

Here's a picture of the kids clearing out  some of the things we brought to be put away.  

Sometimes as we go through our own struggles, stepping outside ourselves to assist others can allow us to appreciate what we already have.   

For those of us who were fortunate enough to be able to call our dads to wish him a "Happy Father's Day", how blessed are we?  None of these kids have fathers anymore.  Or mothers.  

Gratitude as a daily practice is a stupidly small habit that has a cumulatively large impact.    It doesn't make our problems go away.  You're still struggling to figure out the next step on your fertility journey.  But you begin to realize that everyday is a good day, at least in some small way.

Tying it to another habit, like when you're sitting down to eat dinner makes it easier build it into your lifestyle.

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