How to overcome this relationship killer

As a single woman, going in and out of the dating scene, I happily share my adventures with my patients.  

Despite being in solid, loving, long-term relationships, they enjoy living vicariously through me, listening to my escapades.

Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.  And dating is entertaining, if nothing else.  

As a bonus, my experiences help you fuddy-duddies spice up your love lives.  Yes, I am willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of research. ;)

Look, let's be real.  Long-term relationships can get a little bland sometimes.  Yes, downright boring.  And that's a relationship killer.  Hate is not the opposite of love.  Rather, I think it's indifference.  

Does your relationship lack fun, romance, and conversation, and feel ‘like a chore"?

That's where the work is - finding ways to keep your marriage fresh so you retain the love that has built over the years.

When you're trying to conceive, you're at an even higher risk of relationship burnout because your lovemaking is so scheduled around your cycle.

New experiences with each other inject excitement into the otherwise routine of daily living.

Things like:

  • trying new restaurants
  • taking weekend trips to places neither of you have been to before
  • enjoying the great outdoors - find a secluded spot and, you know,... ;)
  • listening to live music
  • going to a show where you get to dress up
  • dance class like salsa
  • giving each other massages
  • new lingerie, sexy dress with heels for date night - we women tend to forget how visual men are cuz we're wired differently but this is an important one
  • this is for the dudes...non-sexual touching - incorporate more physical affection throughout the day that does NOT lead to s-e-x to show how much your woman means to you (one of the most overlooked turn-ons for a woman and there is no such thing as too much affection)

These things are simple and don't require a lot of effort.  But you gotta do it because they don't just magically happen.

If you're growing your family, you need a solid foundation.  That means you and your partner deserve the same attention and care that you're putting into getting pregnant.

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