Shut up, stupid blinking cursor!

I've been writing these daily emails since January 2 so theoretically it should get easier.  Usually, it's not difficult to come up with a topic.  I even have a list of ideas in moments like this when I get stuck that I can pull from.  But today, I'm not feeling it.  The stupid blinking cursor's mocking me and my blank brain.  We'll have to see what flows out as I type.  

Oooh, an idea is coming.  Let's see where I can take it...

There's a reason why I email daily, 7 days a week.  

It's for me, not you.  If you think these emails are for your benefit, think again.  If they are helpful for you, that's a perk, for sure.  And I LOVE the feedback!

But truly, they are for me to grow and challenge myself.  

We live in a reactive state.  From childhood, we're taught to listen to our parents, elders, teachers, bosses, and so it goes on.  

Rarely, are we encouraged to do things for ourselves.  That would be considered selfish and so we feel guilty.  

Women have a bigger problem delegating our responsibilities to others.  Part of that is ego - we think we can do it better and faster.  Which might be true.  But we have a limited capacity to what we can do.  

So things that really aren't that important should be outsourced.  

Time is our most valuable resource.  Anyone who has had a health scare can attest to that.  

And I doubt that you'll reflect fondly on the days of cleaning your bathroom when hiring someone will give you so much more than just a spotless toilet.

Because we live in such a reactive world, it's important to dedicate time everyday to yourself.  

Most people wake up at the last possible moment after hitting the snooze button a few times, scarf down a quick breakfast or grab a breakfast bar to eat in the car, and rush off to work.  

How much better is it to start the day with something more meaningful to you?

Writing my emails means I've accomplished something for myself and my day is off to a rockin' start.  So I get up an hour earlier in order to do that.  It wasn't easy at first but I made the effort consistently.  It meant going to bed earlier so I can get up at 6am.  I still have to fine tune my morning routine so I'm not goofing off reading my emails and the news before I get to my email.  

And so it should be with you...

You want to grow your family.  What ONE thing can you do every day that will move you closer to that goal?  Usually it's exercising, making a healthy breakfast, meditating, journaling.

For me, my ONE thing is my daily email.  

What's yours?

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