Does everyone seem pregnant to you?

Men, s-e-x and its accoutrements, kids, challenges, accomplishments, money, meaning of life, ...

My friends and I bond when we talk about stuff that's important to us.

These are also the things my patients and I commiserate and celebrate over.  That's what makes it so fun for me to go to "work".  It's like getting paid for having girlfriends.  

Since most are in great, supportive relationships, they often give me men advice and offer the hope that there actually are happily-ever-afters.   

Just as you struggle with keeping the faith that you'll get pregnant after years of trying, I battle my skepticism about loving long-term relationships when I see marriages falling apart all around me.

But alas that's another train of thought for a different bright, sunny day.

We have a tendency to what's called "confirmation bias".

It's when we selectively pick information which confirms pre-existing beliefs and ideas.  Although it helps protect us from being overwhelmed by too much noise, this becomes a problem when we ignore information which challenges our preconceived notions.  We then become prisoners of our assumptions.

It probably seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant or having babies.  Your awareness of pregnant women has heightened - you've developed a spidey sense for it.  That's confirmation bias in action. But for others not trying to get pregnant, these women don't even register on their radar.  

How to overcome confirmation bias?  Set your hypothesis and look for instances to prove that you are wrong.

In my case, my belief that people can be shitz when the chips are down will be offset by socializing more with happy couples who have worked through their tough periods.  

Your belief might be that there's nothing you can do to improve egg quality.  That's probably the most harmful misconception women with fertility issues have.

So that's why I'm starting group coaching.  To give you tools that will overcome your preconceptions about fertility health. 

If you want to raise your hand and show interest in joining my group coaching, fill out and submit this application.  

Based on the responses I get, I'm looking into starting up in July.

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt
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