Don't treat low egg quantity like dating apps

Online dating epitomizes the rampant "more is better" attitude.  

It's been a shock dating in the past year and a half cuz the last time I was single was in the 90s.  

Before Match, eHarmony, Tinder, and the whole "swipe left, swipe right" culture.  

In case you don't know, a lot of dating apps use similar technology.  Swipe your screen to the left if you're passing on the troll.  Or swipe to the right if you wanna check out the goods.

Before I got married, I met people in real life, not through apps.  

Granted, it's different now that I'm in my 40s with kids.  I don't meet many new people like I did in my 20s since I don't go out much.  Bars and clubs are a thing of the past.  And can stay there.

Did I tell you about how my friends and I would cruise Sunset Blvd, just having a great time hanging out and singing in the car?  We met a boy band once.  Let's just say there were enough boys to go around. ;)  Them were the dayz.  So uncomplicated.


With everyone going online to find love, there seems a mentality that with so many perceived choices, people don't feel the need to get to know each other.  They exchange a few messages, meet for coffee, and decide whether or not this person is worth a 2nd date. 

But how many of our relationships are formed from a 1 hour interaction?  I would bet most took months, even years, to develop into anything meaningful.

The dating culture has moved to sifting through as many people as possible, hoping you'll hit the needle in the haystack.  

I'm not judging it.  It is what it is.  I play the game as well.  

This quantity over quality mentality is also very prevalent in the fertility world.  

Where a woman obsesses over how many eggs she has left.  

Unfortunately, that pressure often comes from her doctor initially.  Doing ultrasounds and turning to her with a frown while shaking his head that it's not looking good for her.  And probably throwing in the egg donor talk before anything has even been attempted.

Here's the thing...

There isn't much to be done to increase quantity dramatically for most women.  Our body is designed to ovulate only 1 egg at a time.  It doesn't like being bullied by medications to overproduce, especially in women in their late 30s or older.  

Younger women can produce 2-3 egg cartons' worth of eggs but that's because biologically our prime years are in our late teens and 20s.  So they respond well to the meds.  

Older women need to shift their mindset to improving egg QUALITY, not quantity.  That's what they have the most control over.  Cuz if you fatten the goose long enough, it can eventually lay your golden egg.

I'll talk about many ways to fatten your goose (so to speak) so you have a better chance of conceiving in my group coaching, starting in July.  Only serious people need apply.  If you want a quick fix, I'm not your solution.  See your reproductive endocrinologist, in that case. However, if you're open to thinking of different ways to improve your fertility, then I'm your gal.  

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