Your doctors are wrong if they told you this...

So I was talking with a patient who read my email earlier this week about egg quantity and how it can be improved.

Her reaction was along the lines of "Are you for realz?  You're not just blowing smoke up my you-know-where to give me false hope?"  

Ok, I'm exaggerating.  Those weren't her egg-zact words.  Hee, hee.

But I poop you not, lay-deez.  I speaketh the truth.

Listen here and lay your doubts to rest.

Let me give you the numbers.

  • 2 million eggs at birth
  • 400,000 eggs at puberty
  • 400 eggs ovulated over your lifetime

The 400 are not predetermined at birth.  If that were the case, what's the point of the other 1,960,000?

No, sirree!  Only the strongest will survive, thrive, and present themselves in all their glory for the sperm to fight over.

What determines which 400 eggs out of 2 MILLION develop?


Isn't it empowering to know how much you can do to influence the egg development?

You ain't gonna hear it from your gyn or RE, I'm betting.  In fact, they'll tell you the opposite.  Give you your doomsday talk about how it's too late for you and you need egg donors.  I call bull on that!  

Ask all my patients who were diagnosed with high FSH, low AMH, poor ovarian reserve, pre-menopause, advanced maternal age, (what else am I missing?) and got pregnant.

So if you want in on how to improve egg quality naturally, no matter how old you are, let me know you're interested in my group coaching starting in late July by filling out this applicationI'll have more details in the next week or 2.  

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt
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