"Stupid" questions welcomed. Stupid attitudes not.

My kids are 8 and 12.  One of my biggest challenges has been to redirect their natural tendency to whine and complain into a "What am I gonna do about it?" attitude.  

Cuz this mama ain't falling for the "I can do it for you, honey" trap.  

Master manipulators, they are.   

Instead I'm trying to teach them to be proactive so their needs and desires are met, not reactive to how they're perceiving their situation.

All in all, they're doing really well.  I'm a proud mama.

Part of being proactive is to ask the right questions.  Sometimes though, you don't have enough information to ask good, probing questions.  

'S ok.

There is no such thing as a stupid question...

but there is a thing as a stupid attitude.

You're an adult.  

You know it sometimes takes hard work to get what you want.  

It might affect you in unexpected ways, like having fertility challenges.

You spent most of your life trying NOT to get pregnant.  So when the reality of your situation set in, it's a very tough pill to swallow.  Especially when you hear about drug addicts and smokers getting pregnant.  

But those are the circumstances you've been handed.  

You can whine and complain about it.  But at some point you gotta realize that doesn't do anything except keep you in that vortex of negativity, self-doubt, and fear.  It's a vicious cycle.  

Instead, pull up your big-girl britches, give yourself a wedgie, and proclaim "I can do this!  I'm gonna do whatever it takes to give myself the best shot I can".  

Otherwise, be like the other 95% who only listen to their doctors and give up.  

It's ALL on you.  

If you're all in, then my group coaching starting in July will help you along your path.  

I have a bottomless thirst for knowledge and that benefits you directly because the stuff I present, most people don't know about.  I learn new things every single day because that's how driven I am to make this work for you.  

Some of the stuff is so new the ink is still drying on the study, report, or article.  

If you can have the same commitment to me to implement some of my suggestions, you WILL see improvement in your physical and emotional health.  

If you're interested in my group coaching, take thyself to this link and fill out the application

I'll have more details in the next week or 2.  All I can say for sure now is that it will be on Saturdays so work shouldn't be an issue.  If it still is, no worries, they'll be recorded.


Julie Chang,
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