Yet another reason why we need to move beyond coal...

Saturday night, I went to a dueling piano bar.  What is that, you ask?  Two grand pianos facing each other with very talented musicians.  What makes it fun is that it's off-the-cuff.  They build the performance around audience requests.  The bigger the tip, the better the chance of the song being played.

Except that I should have read their website more carefully.  Classic rock'n roll was NOT the genre I or my friends particularly enjoy.  Oh well, it was still worth the $10 cover charge.

Before the performance, I ordered dinner - seared ahi tuna.  It was the healthiest entree on the menu.

I love tuna.  Even canned tuna.  I wouldn't ever kiss anyone without brushing my teeth afterwards though.

The problem is the concern with mercury levels in tuna.  

Mainly top-of-the-food-chain species, such as tuna, swordfish, and shark are higher in mercury since they eat smaller fish which eat even smaller fish and so on and so on.  So all that mercury adds up.

Btw, coal-fired power plants are the biggest source, globally, of mercury released into the open ocean from atmospheric emissions.

While I was at the convention in Austin last month, I spoke with the owner of a company who tests every fish for mercury.  They only source sustainably caught wild tuna and each fish has to pass their test.  Instead of machine processing, they hand pack their tuna to retain all nutrients such as the almighty Omega 3 oils and then slow cook them.

Their purest wild tuna, the Safe Catch Elite, is tested to a mercury limit 10x stricter than the FDA's.  So it's safe for pregnant women and children.  

That's great news!  Especially for women and men trying to conceive.  If you're having fertility issues, you definitely want to minimize your exposure to toxins wherever possible.

So pony up the extra change to buy a brand that you can trust - "Safe Catch."  Go to to buy online or use their store finder to buy locally.

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