Harvard study shows some women have fewer eggs because...

It's Monday morning now.  Yes, I know it's really Tuesday when you read this but I write my emails the day before.

I'm dragging.  Stayed out late with an out-of-town guest.  

It's moments like these when I harken back to the days when I could stay up all night and be ready to go a few scant hours later.  Those were good times. ;)

Now, I have a pretty structured sleep schedule so I can get in about 8 hours of sleep, from 10pm-6am

Unfortunately, that's impossible for women who work night shifts.  Most commonly, I run into that with patients in the medical profession such as doctors and nurses.

Bad news for these women though...

A Harvard study of 500 women undergoing IVF found those who work night shift or had jobs that involved heavy lifting have fewer eggs.

Based on the outcomes of 28% fewer eggs in women working the night shift and 14% fewer eggs in women whose jobs involved heavy lifting, the researchers recommend day jobs and leave the heavy lifting to others.

Here's the abstract for the study, in case you're interested...

I'm going to take this a step further based on my own clinical experience.

Even if you don't work graveyard shifts, you should do your best to establish a structured sleep schedule where you're in bed by 10pm.  Most people need to sleep 8-9 hours every night.  If you think you're an exception, it's more likely that it fits your lifestyle better and NOT that it's your biological need.  

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