Why "crack" is good for you...

Kindle is my crack.  I keep buying more books.  

I have no bizness doing so since I'm rotating through about 10 books (all non-fiction so it takes me awhile to go through them), 1 monthly print newsletter, and 1 online course at this time.

But you know what?  I love it!  

I didn't like being a student though.  

Unfortunately, I've passed that bias on to my kids.  I'm drilling into my 12yo to find her passions, learn practical skills, and figure out what kind of lifestyle she wants.   The intersection of those 3 areas will lead her in the right direction.  

Screw what others do.  

Graduate high school.  Nothing less than As though.  (That's about as Tiger Mom as I'll get.)  
Then figure it out.  College, no college.  It makes no difference to me.  

I've seen way too many successful and far happier entrepeneurs without degrees from traditional 4 year brick and mortar colleges to know that there there is more than 1 route to a fulfilling life.  

I want my girls to love to learn, like I do.  

If they can keep and grow that innate curiosity all kids have, provide a focus and structure for that fire, then I've done part of my job as a parent.  

My curiosity and love of learning was barely on.  I needed to relight that pilot light.    

I was on the verge of burn out.  

Running a small business while taking care of a young family took a lot out of me.  It wasn't until my separation last year that I was forced to re-evaluate my future.

My divorce is the best thing to have happened.  It was my chance to reboot my life.  

Julie 2.0

The challenges you face can be opportunities for you to grow.  

I can see the burnout in some of my fertility patients.  It's understandable.  They've spent years trying to get pregnant and goodness knows how much money.  

Disappointment comes from not meeting the expectations set for a tomorrow that hasn't come.  

How often have you daydreamed about how your life would be if x, y, and z happened?

Yet, time and again, things play out so differently from what you expected.  Because you have no control over anything but your thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Zero.  

But at the end of the day, somehow, some way, it all kinda works out.  Mainly cuz you figure out how to make it work.

All I can say is that if you can take the time to hear what your heart wants and align your journey to those inner desires, today becomes a lot more enjoyable.


There is no destination (except death).  It's all in the journey.

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